Macon Request Form

Prior to making a request, review Event Resources to see Setup Details (tables and chairs) and A/V fees where they apply. Also, see the suggestions below that will allow your event and our processing to run seamlessly:

  • PLEASE BE MINDFUL of high volume events which may place limits on already limited space (i.e.: Homecoming, Make it Mercer, Admissions events, Testing, etc.) These events limit parking, facilities, and resources. Scheduling your events around these large events increases the likelihood that your event can be accommodated.
  • PLEASE PRE-PLAN  to allow for time to advertise your event after space is confirmed. The system will not allow a request to be submitted less than ten business days in advance of your desired date. This allows us to better serve you by accommodating your space and resources in enough time for you to advertise and for our staff to be available for setup.
  • PLEASE BE FLEXIBLE as processing of requests is ongoing and what space appears available today may not be available when your event is reserved by our office.

Note that our office reserves the ability to place your event somewhere other than your preferred space at our discretion. For instance, if your meeting can fit in a classroom that has all requested resources this may be a decision we make for the sake of space utilization. Thank you for your support!

Contact & Organization

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Please no earlier than Thu, 17 Dec 2020
Please no earlier than Thu, 17 Dec 2020
i.e. Weekly for 5 weeks

Space & Set-Up

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Resources & Services

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A Note About Charges

Media services may be accompanied by charges for non-academic events (any event not related to courses.) Visit the link below to review charges before submitting requests. Any charges incurred will be the responsibility of the requestor/organization.

i.e. Beverages, Hors d'oeuvres, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Cloths, Skirts, etc.

Additional Comments

Each organization, group, or person using Mercer University facilities must do so within the General Policies and Regulations of the University. You will be charged for damage to facilities and/or resources. Facilities should be returned to their original condition. Failure to do so may result in additional charges and suspension of reservation privileges. Mercer University reserves the right to cancel, deny or relocate any event at any time.
A copy of this request will be emailed to the contact provided above