Please email for wedding inquiries. Please be mindful of internal operations and allow 7-10 business days for a response.

Newton Chapel

Many students, alumni, and community members choose to celebrate their wedding in the historic Newton Chapel, located on Mercer's Macon campus and named in honor of Dr. Louie D. Newton. The Chapel, built in 1894, is known for its center-piece Plunkett-Sewell Memorial Organ, impressive stained glass windows, and its beautiful darkly-paneled beamed ceiling.

Newton Chapel has fixed pews that accommodate roughly 200 people. The wedding rental fee for the Chapel is $750.00 for community members and $500.00 for Mercer students, alumni, faculty and staff. Rentals are subject to availability and, in addition to Mercer's facility regulations, require the adherence to the following:

  • No tacks or nails may be used in the building or on the furnishings
  • The pulpit and piano should NOT be removed from the stage
  • No open flames with the exception of a unity candle are allowed in the chapel and are required to be in a votive or holder
  • Mats must be placed under candelabras
  • Floral arrangements must be kept away from the organ
  • Users are responsible for removing all decorations and clutter after the wedding
  • No birdseed or rice is permitted to be thrown inside or outside the Chapel.Bubbles or flower petals may be thrown outside the Chapel.
  • The thermostat in the Chapel may not be adjusted by the user.The temperature in the Chapel is carefully controlled for the maintenance of the organ

Arrangements can be made with Mercer's Townsend School of Music for use of the piano or organ by calling their Dean's office at (478) 301-5751.

Please contact the office of Campus Reservations at or (478) 301-4202 to inquire about Newton Chapel availability for a wedding.

Wedding Notes and Information

Reservation requests for Newton Chapel are not accepted for certain times of the year when Mercer holds large campus-wide events.  The following lists some of the dates when we are not able to accommodate weddings:

  • The first week of January and all weekends in August with the exception of the first weekend
  • Make it Mercer/Bear Day/Convocation (typically first weekend in April)
  • Mercer Homecoming (typically first weekend in November but may fall on the last weekend in October
  • Presidential Scholars Events (first weekend in December)
  • Thanksgiving Break
  • Winter Break
  • Family Weekend
  • Commencement Events (typically first two weeks of May)

There are other events that happen simultaneously throughout the semester that may make resources and parking limited for our campus. All wedding requests are granted or denied at the discretion of the University. We appreciate your patience and support as our University works to fulfill the Mercer mission "to teach, to learn, to create, to discover, to inspire, to empower and to serve."