Mercer University Campus Reservations

Campus Reservations Office

Mercer University offers an assortment of classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, and recreational space that can accommodate a wide-range of event types. Our campuses host roughly 10,000 extra-curricular events each year and are continually adapting to effectively serve the University and our surrounding community.

The Campus Reservations office (478-301-4202) is here to assist students, faculty, and staff reserve facilities with amenities and services that best meet their needs, and ensure the successful execution of campus events. Due to limited campus space, we are currently not accepting any new external event reservations.

Mercer and its service providers use the 25Live Events Scheduling System, a web-based scheduling application, to coordinate events and services across our campuses.

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Submit a Reservation Request

Reservations in the 25Live scheduling system are only made through authorized campus schedulers.  To reserve a location on campus, requestors must submit requests via the Reservation Request Forms located below.

The 25Live Events Scheduling System

The 25Live Events Scheduling System is a web-based scheduling and event publishing application developed by CollegeNET, used by Mercer University as a centralized scheduling system. The software can be used to check space availability and to verify scheduled event details. The 25Live Events Scheduling System is managed through the Provost office.

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Policies and Procedures

Mercer has a specific protocol in place to ensure the successful scheduling of events and services without conflict, the safety of the Mercer community, and the preservation of Mercer property.

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